The New ‘Haute Beaute’ treatments combine powerful active ingredients with Carita’s highly effective ‘TechnoLED’ body technology. The combination of ingredients such as Sweet Orange, Sacred Lotus Flower and stimulating Caffeine extracts are supercharged by the Carita CINETIC technology. This delivers superior results. Whether you are looking to focus on slimming, detoxing lymphatic drainage or firming areas of your body, the powerful currents can target your specific needs and surpass your expectations.

* For best results a series of treatments is advised.


We have customised the new CLE techniques and combined them with the current, ultrasound and LED to offer you a truly complete body treatment which focuses on all areas of your choice including legs, stomach, arms, upper back and bottom. These treatments combine a localised stimulating and draining massage- CineticTM currents set to either a Slimming, Firming or Draining current and LED body concentrates will be massaged into your target area – Ultrasound and LED being pulsed over the area.

Target areas:
Upper Arms, Buttocks, Tummy, Thighs


Bespoke CINETIC TechnoLED Complete

All ‘target’ areas- Upper Arms, Buttocks, Tummy and Thighs Targets multiple areas of the body

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Price: £155


CINETIC TechnoLED Booster

Target two areas of the body

Duration: 1 hour
Price: £115