About ‘Cinetic Lift Expert’ facials

If you want to avoid cosmetic surgery then our hi-tech Carita facials are a brilliant alternative. They deliver youthful, firmed and radiant skin quickly, safely and effectively.

How? The special CineticTM machine uses a combination of micro-current, ultrasound and LED technologies which work to slow down the ageing process by stimulating the deeper layers of your skin, whilst firming and toning facial muscles.

Each facial includes a ‘deep cleanse’ using the Cinetic skin refiner to maximise and enhance the benefits of each phase of the facial. Sculpting massage using the signature ‘Carita Gloves’ pulse current through the skin to lift and tone the facial muscles, boost circulation and push the active serums deeper into the skins epidermis. A bespoke combination of Ultrasound and LED’s will be combined into the treatment depending on your needs. Post treatment your skin will appear firmer, clearer with a silky smooth texture.


Genesis Of Youth – Super sculpted skin delivered

If you are looking for firmer, plumped up and radiant skin the Carita Genesis of Youth ticks all the boxes. This facial starts with a deep cleanse and exfoliation followed by a face detoxing massage. Then depending on your particular needs you will get to experience varying degrees of the the CineticTM technologies. This combines micro-current, LED light technology and ultrasound together to push the Carita Genesis of youth serum deeper into the skin. End result? Radiance is enhanced, facial contours are reshaped.

Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Price: £150


Gold Perfection- Facial regeneration

Awaken and boost your skin with magical Mineral Gold. This high performance face treatment works to deeply rejuvenate by stimulating the skin. Your experience begins by cleansing and exfoliating the face. Radiance and youthfulness are delivered by the combination of facial massage which uses the ‘CLE’ metallic gloves to supercharge the skins radiance levels and lift and contour the face. For specific ageing concerns the unique ‘Precision Pens’ are used to address specific lifting and contouring needs with the ‘Trio of Gold Pearls’ being deeply infused into the skin. The clever combination of hyaluronic acid, nourishing oils, anti-glycation ingredients and high tech wizardry means your skin will be restored and regenerated in just one session.

Time: 1 hour 45 minutes
Price: £170


Neomorphose Ultimate – Restored and Renewed skin

For those who want to combine the anti ageing technology in a Cinetic Lift facial, with the science of facial peels, the ‘Neomorphose Ultimate’ facial is the perfect solution. This highly results driven facial will start with a light Glycolic based peel, to renew, brighten, balance and even out skin tones of all ages. A special restoring gel will be used in conjunction with Ultrasound and LED light therapy to plump and refine skin tone. After a stimulating facial massage, a deeply hydrating and plumping bio cellulose mask will reveal a flawless complexion, ready to conclude the treatment with a signature Cinetic lift. A highly indulgent facial, targeting all aspects of ageing skin.

Time: 1 hour 45 minutes
Price: £180


Precious Diamond Facial – Youth affirming luxury

This innovative treatment works to stimulate cell renewal prolonging the youthfulness of the skin and reviving sluggish and tired skin. How? Your session begins with a glorious hot foot cleanse which immediately relaxes the body. After a thorough cleanse and exfoliation you will enjoy a specialised facial massage followed by the magic of the ‘Precision Pens’ which are used to target specific problem areas. The CineticTM gloves then work to lift the skin, hydrate and boost the skins circulation giving it a rosy glow. LED’s with Ultrasound are then passed over the skin to heal while a precious mask containing diamond, tourmaline and sequoia buds, are applied. End result? Firmer and flawless skin with ultimate clarity and luminosity.

Time: 1 hour 45 mins
Price: £170


Cinetic Booster – Lifted skin ‘on the go’

If you are short on time and looking for a quick skin boost or you are having regular Carita Cinetic Lift Expert Facials, check in for this shorter ‘booster’ treatment. This facial will focus on reviving and extending the contouring effects enjoyed from previous Cinetic Lift Expert facials and adding extra glow and lift to the skin. Your treatment will be focused on the Cinetic gloves which will work to lift the facial muscles. Skin will feel restored and revived.

Time: 1 hour
Price: £110


Carita Inergy Facials

If you have a skin niggle that needs to be addressed this is your facial. It works its magic on dehydration, excessive oiliness or sensitivity. The Cinetic technology enhances the ability for each ‘Inergy’ serum to be properly absorbed. During all of the ‘solution’ facials you will enjoy a deep cleanse using the Cinetic skin refiner to maximise and enhance the benefits of the following phases. There will be a manual massage which is followed by ‘pressotherapy’ massage using the CineticTM gloves. The gloves are covered in specific concentrate chosen by your therapist as the one that’s most effective for you. By combining Ultrasound and Light therapy skin will be able to heal and become balanced. At the end of the treatment a tailored blend of eye, lip and décolleté skincare will be applied.


Lagoon Hydration facial

Dry, dehydrated and unhappy skin? If this sounds familiar book in and enjoy this soothing facial. It has been specifically designed for thirsty and parched skins with extracts of Polynesian Water, sourced from Lagoons for its nutrient rich purity.

This facial will cleanse, exfoliate with the ‘Rennovateur’ plus the skin refiner and then be treated to a face massage followed with the Cinetic technology where a galvanic current is run through the gloves to push the Lagoon Serum into the skin. Skin will feel and appear more hydrated and radiant.


Cotton Softness

If your skin needs some soothing TLC the Carita Cotton Softness facial deeply calms and soothes even the most delicate and sensitive skin types. This facial will gently cleanse, and exfoliate with the skin refiner and then be treated to a calming face massage. The Cotton serum will be further penetrated into the skin using the CLE technology which neutralises even the most sensitive skin types. This treatment restores, strengthens and protects the skin leaving it more able to resist irritations and regain equilibrium.


Papaya Purity Facial

This effective facial restores combination and oily prone skin to a more balanced state. The iconic ‘Renovateur’ exfoliator is used alongside the deep cleansing refiner technology to combat and eliminate impurities. The ‘Powder mask’ soaks up any excess oil with its absorbing Bamboo extracts. The Papaya in the Powder serum renews and brightens the skin gently but effectively and the pulsed current works to correct imperfections. Post treatment the pores are refined, the skin feels purified, fresh and even toned. A truly effective skincare option for those who want to combat oily, unbalanced skin.

All Ideal facials: 1 hour 15 mins.
Price: £130

Super Radiance Facial – A Carita experience with no Cinetic technology

This multi tasking facial tackles texture and boosts radiance as well as giving the delicate eye area some soothing care. Your skin will be expertly cleansed and massaged which will remove impurities and improve the skins texture. Eye smoothing and hydrating eye patches will be applied and while you relax you will receive a restoring hand and foot massage. At the end a radiance boosting mask will be applied following by relevant eye care and moisturiser.

Time: 1 hour
Price: £105