Lite Refresh Peel

Lite refresh peel is an exceptional starter peel for all skin types, especially very sensitive skin types, using a one-step combination of salicylic and malic acids, and extracts of willow bark and onion. It’s suitable for those who are brand-new to peeling, or those who desire a “refreshed” look for a big event without any peeling or downtime.

Duration: 60 minutes
Price: £115


Corrective Peel

The Epionce peel system is an excellent peel suitable for most skin types, and customizable in layers of salicylic acid and/or malic acid, depending on peel experience and skin condition.

Individuals will experience minimal recovery/downtime, with minimal to moderate peeling, depending on number of layers applied.

The peel is especially effective on those with skin concerns, such as pigmentation and textural issues like acne scarring and sun aging, and is best done in a course of treatments to obtain maximum results.

Duration: 60 minutes or 75 mins including Décolleté
Price: £135 or £145

Please note, the Epionce ‘SALe MALe peel’ is undertaken after a skin consultation first, to make sure this is the right treatment for you to gain your desired result.