Nutrition, Exercise & Hormones!


As we get older, our bodies change. Losing weight can become more a challenge and excess weight can also appear in new places! Also, the type of exercise we have been so used to undertaking, might suddenly stop offering us results. It can be a real mine field to find out what works and what doesn’t with the constant influx of exercise and diet fads being published everywhere.

Our neighbours at 58 wellbeing, Guru Performance, specialise in offering completely personal programmes to clients, assessing your body, lifestyle and advising you nutritionally, physically and hormonally to assure your body is always working at its best.

We stole a few minutes with Jasmine Campbell in the ‘Guru Performance Lab’ to answer some of our questions.

Simply put, what kind of service does Guru Performance offer?
At Guru Performance we specialise in Performance Nutrition. Our services include using cutting edge technology to take accurate measurements. This means we are able to see exactly what your metabolism is doing and what your needs are as an individual opposed to just guessing and feeling like you’re not getting anywhere!

How can this help the likes of us – the non professional athletes!?
Performance nutrition support can be and should be for everyone. We all need to perform well on a day to day basis. Understanding your body better by getting your energy requirements measured, tracking changes throughout your programme and to keep fine tuning your plan is essential to achieve this.

Do hormonal changes play a part in how we exercise?
Not particularly, but exercising does release hormones that improve your mood and allows for adaptations of your body from the exercise. Interestingly Oestrogen levels can have an impact on fat metabolism.

Can you give us a couple of simple exercise and nutrition tips that in your experience are important?
Work hard to find nutrition and exercise that firstly works for you best. Finding something that is sustainable, not just a quick fix only maintained for eight weeks. Exercise needs to be enjoyed and not felt like a chore. Keep trying different things and make it a sociable experience when you can. Most people lead sedentary lives, so something very simple and effective to benefit your metabolic health is to be active as much as possible. For example, most smart phones and activity trackers allow you to track your steps. See how many steps you take on average and keep setting yourself new goals. With regards to nutrition keep your good eating at around 80% of the time and allow 20% of the time for the occasional treat and dinner at a nice restaurant.

To find put more information about Guru Performance, check out their website:

Sessions with Jasmine start at £250. To contact Jasmine directly click here