The Power Of Pollution


When asked to list some of the biggest dangers to our skin, a lot of people would sight smoking, diet or sun exposure, which are all detrimental, but hardly anyone mentions pollution and more specifically, smog.

What we see smog as are micro particles that hang around the air, but its effect on the skin over a long period of time is quite amazing.
Pollution on the skin acts like a chain reaction. Initially, sebum production is increased, as the skin is under attack from dirt and grime. This then makes skin appear to be dull and shiny, with congestion. There is a heightened oxidation process in the skin which can weaken the skins natural barriers. This can cause inflammations, open pores and rosier complexions. Over time, as skin is working so much harder, premature ageing can occur.

The good news is we can protect the skin against the aggressions of pollution in a number of ways.
The need to pull an aggressive cleanser off the shelf to feel as clean as possible will be great, but the trick is to meticulously cleanse with gentle products.
Try a gentle cleansing oil, they really break down surface dirt and grime. Second cleanse with a comforting cleansing milk.
We love Decleor Micellar Oil £25 and Cleansing Milk £20.50.

Fighting the effects of pollution internally can start with our diet. Eating foods rich in free radical busting antioxidants, will nourish skin internally. Any berries such as blueberries, or strawberries and leafy green vegetables like kale and spinach will promote a spring clean from the inside too.
Having regular facials will really help to turbo charge any skincare you are using at home, and stimulate the circulation to improve cell turnover, as well as soothing and feeding the skin.



Article inspired from the Decleor Aroma Conference, London. 2015