Shine a light: The power of LED


During our Carita treatments, one of the most frequently asked questions is always asked towards the end of our treatments, when we conclude with the third part of the Cinetic™ technology- the LED and Ultrasound.
Clients are always curious to know exactly how the LED works, and the properties of LED, as unlike the ‘magic gloves’ and the ‘skin refiner’ it is a part of treatment where you don’t feel so much of a sensation.
Below, we offer a detailed insight into the technology and the power of LED, as we just love the results it offers!

LED (light emitting diodes) are wavelengths of different colours of light that energise cellular functions at different points of the epidermis. The light creates a cascade of biomechanical reactions to help stimulate collagen, reduce pigmentation, and create an antibacterial effect, with effects of the light continuing long after the treatment has finished.
Carita combines red, yellow and blue lights with the Cinetic™ machine and also the use of Ultrasound with the LED, therefore penetrating the active serums deeper into the epidermis with the light.
Red light penetrates the deepest into the epidermis, for a regenerating and collagen producing effect.
Yellow light is fantastic for perking up lacklustre skins, and will even out pigmentation and discolouration in the skin’s surface.
Blue light works most superficially, harnessing an anti bacterial effect, so it’s great for oil control and acne prone skins.
For the body, the use of LED in our ‘Azure Hi-Tech’ treatments, will help to improve collagen production, therefore improving skin texture and density and slackness in the skin, aiding the appearance of cellulite.

Studies into LED therapy show that the best results are achieved having LED therapy twice a week for a 7-10 minute duration. LED light also increases the body’s natural form of cellular energy known as ATP (adenosine tri phosphate). ATP is essential for transporting chemical energy within cells for metabolism, another reason to reap the benefits of using an LED on the body!

So you may not feel it, but LED is quietly powerful, sneaking deep down into our skins, and quietly working its magic, for us to enjoy the results of later in our skin renewal process!

Facts on LED studies extracted from Guild News.